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What a day for college football!  

I really can't believe A&M played such a crappy game.  Thankfully the wrecking crew showed up at the very last second to save the game.  I really hate and love games like the one tonight.   It is great football and even better when your team actually wins.  I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season.  I'm just bummed that I'm going to miss the next 2 games.  I'm going on vacation, hopefully I'll be able to find an internet cafe to check the scores.
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Are you ready for some Big 12 football!?!? I can't wait for it to start. I am also anxious to see how everything plays out. It is looking like a tough year for all of us because there are a lot of teams that look to be pretty good. I just am going to die when I sit down to watch the first game being played! Also, I want to see how my longhorns fair as well.
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I still fly my Crimson and Cream with pride.

So with the news coming out of Norman I am shocked and proud of what happend for many reasons. Its not news to me that something like this happens, I am sure things like this happen all over but are never reported till after the season is well over. I still wonder why the car dealership did this? They were under review last year with a car and a player so why risk it? Well they are a dealership what do they have to lose? I hope that OU decides to stop doing buisness with them and picks another dealership.

I also wonder how this came to the attention of OU?  I am very very happy at the action OU took on this, not the NCAA but the school itself dismissed the starting QB, now that takes balls.And makes me proud that they are trying to run a clean system.

Then again I remember the Switzer days and this is nothing.
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Think the Big 12 earned a little respect this bowl season?

We went 5-3....we took two of the Pac-10 teams to town, plus a Big 10 team and a SEC team. We topped the "unbeatable" (pfft) USC Trojans and Texas took home the crystal football, snapping the Trojan's 34-game winning streak.

Guess we're not such a POWDER-PUFF conference anymore, are we :cough: ESPN :cough: BCS :cough: ABC?
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