Metro (metrogq) wrote in big12,

New SportsLife College Football Preview At The Big East

The Big East has developed a bit of a reputation as the Rodney Dangerfield of the major BCS conferences-getting no respect. Despite the fact that they fielded a number of talented teams, and produced no fewer than 3 first round draft picks in the NFL Draft. The fact is, there’s plenty of talent to be had out of the Big East, and with a number of interesting stories happening at a number of schools, the Big East may well produce another new conference champion, and another school may rise from the ashes to see itself in a BCS Bowl. With a variety of schemes being employed, and with some top tier talent in the conference, there’s no shortage of exciting games on the schedule, and no shortage of teams primed to shatter the perception of the Big East as a second tier conference. With a lot of teams to like, and none that stand out, SportsLife will break down the grain from the chaff. READ MORE HERE.

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